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Tamandua Encounter in Costa Rica

By Nick Hawkins, Wildlife Photographer


The Tamandua has a strong prehensile tail that can grip foliage and support their entire weight. This frees up their arms for ripping open insect nests or defending against predators.

As a wildlife photographer, it often takes a lot of time, planning and patience to capture meaningful images of the natural world. Other times, a chance encounter and a bit of quick thinking can produce a great image. Such occurrences are rare but many times turn out as some of my most memorable experiences as a photographer. Last night was certainly one of these times, when I came across a Tamandua, a type of anteater, in the backyard of Hotel Tambor Tropical.

These interesting creatures are not common, and their nocturnal and arboreal habits make them very difficult to observe. I quickly gathered my camera gear and using two off camera flashes, set-up underneath one of the trees that the Tamandua was feeding in. Luckily I had two friends with me who helped in holding flashes and other camera gear, we remained silent and all waited for the animal to descend down the tree.

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