A Birder's Paradise

Get up close to stunning birds and wildlife species on and around the property. Over 200 species of exotic birds populate the area.

Service Matters Here

Fresh food, ocean breezes and poolside service make staying on property an inviting option.

A Wealth of Options

New adventures await, whether you enjoy boating, golfing, zip lining, horseback riding or exploring nearby towns.

Relax and Enjoy

Put your comfort in our hands while you enjoy a serene, grownup getaway with spacious, air-conditioned suites, attentive service and onsite massage.

Tambor Tropical is an inviting, upscale, boutique beachfront resort in a Costa Rican wonderland of gentle waves, swaying palms and ocean breezes.


You need to get away — something unique, exotic and exquisitely relaxing. You need a place where the people are friendly, the location is safe and affordable, and the adventures are plentiful and memorable.

Tambor Tropical fits the bill on all counts. This charming, boutique resort offers surprisingly spacious suites, fresh farm-to-table cuisine, exquisite massage treatments, yoga at dawn, and activities that will dazzle your senses. Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, this beachfront property provides guests the freedom to explore and the privacy to simply relax.

Tambor Tropical is unique in terms of the bay’s safety, the great seashells along the volcanic-sand beach, easy kayaking, plentiful fishing, and the simple pleasure of walking through the small village.

Here you can stroll into the rainforest and enjoy a galaxy of birds, playful monkeys, or fleet of green parakeets. Or simply sit poolside watching the hummingbirds dart about, and enjoy the singular site of a pair of scarlet macaws soaring by.

It’s all waiting for you by the bay at Tambor Tropical.

“There is no place like Tambor Tropical. It overwhelms the senses — the sight of the bay, the sounds of the monkeys and birds, and the smells of the flowers. Just as special is the charm of the staff and the Ticos of Tambor. We will return for our seventh time next year to the paradise that is Tambor.”
– Ruth and Michael Smith, Alexandria, Virginia

All photos on this site are authentic to Tambor and the vicinity.

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